Badge Family

Nine hand carved badges for a family of public servants. It was an honor carving for such fine people!

"That is my family and I am so THRILLED with these badges and the quality of the work.

Brian does such fabulous work! Thank you so much!" TCT

Celtic Cross

Carved from a single piece of Cuban Mahogany, this Celtic Cross wood carving stands 24" tall. It is proudly displayed for all to see in its new Connecticut home. I can't wait to carve the next one, will it be yours? Contact us for details.

"I Love You"

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Around here we use the American Sign Language sign for I Love You everyday. What a beautiful statement to someone you love. An I Love You that never stops expressing your feelings. These four wood carvings are life size and truly special. Order your gift of love today.


The Human Brain

Was on display throughout 2012 and 2013 in 21 NYC Hospitals. 

hand carved wood sign

We were challenged by a Neurologist to create a wood carving of the human brain from solid black walnut and here it is. It was so well received by the Physicians and Administration of one of the country's largest hospitals, North Shores University Hospital in Long Island, NY it was displayed in their main lobby as well as 20 other hospitals throughout the New York City area. This hand carved brain is on permanent display in the medical library at New York University. We are humbled by the honor.

Hand Carved Police Badges & Shields

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When we are commissioned to create a law enforcement badge, shield or logo we are humbled by the honor. We know what the icon represents and how much it means to the person wearing it. We do not take the significance lightly.  Our badges/shields are owned by officers and departments from coast to coast. People often ask, what I like to carve most, without question it is a badge or shield. I connect with these wood carvings and take every effort to ensure they are worthy of those wearing the original. I am never filled with more pride than when an officer is moved by my wood carving of their badge/shield.  The NYPD shields were a thrill for me to carve, two of the carvings are on permanent display in the 6th Precinct Museum. Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege!

Rupert Rainelle

Say hello to our first carving of 2014, "Rupert Rainelle". After seeing a similar wood carving sometime in the last couple of years, I had to carve my own version, with my own spin. He is hand carved from mineral stained Poplar and stands 21" tall. The wood was harvested from the hills of Appalachia in eastern Kentucky. The natural colors in this piece are incredible with yellow, purple and black to name a few. Rupert's back still sports the bark of the tree from which he came. The flower adorning his hat can be changed for holidays, special occasions or any time you want to dress Rupert up. He is truly an eye catching piece of wood art and he can be yours. Drop us a line and will fill you in on the adoption process.

Custom Hand Carved Beer Tap Handles

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Here are a few samples of the beer tap handles we have carved for clients across North America. Lacrosse sticks, Grizzly Bears, Tiki's and dogs are just some of the subjects we have turned into custom beer tap handles. Basement home bars, restaurants and micro-breweries have our taps in use drawing home brews and international brands. Let us know how we can customize a tap handle for you.

Snowy Owl (Life size)

This life size Snowy Owl is always in action. There are thousands of details carved into the feathers. One of our all time favorites!

Hello Berlin

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Our hand carved wooden version of those famous rubberized clogs were on display in Berlin, Germany at the DUVE Gallery as part of their "Very New Works" exhibition. We are proud to have been displayed with such fine artists.


The green man has arrived at H.W.C. and he is spectacular! Carved from clear white cedar, this green man is reminiscent of ancient Celtic versions. This piece, titled "Verdant" was recently featured as the focal point of an artist of the month award for Brian and his body of work. Verdant has finally been added to the online catalog, but only for the someone that finds him as special as we do.  Another Green Man has joined Verdant at HWC, "Dalen", check him out on our online catalog page.

"Ketel One"

We were challenged by a liquor distributor in California to create a Ketel One Vodka bottle beer tap handle. Here is our wooden masterpiece of a life sized Ketel One Vodka bottle. Like all our tap handles this one came ready to use as soon as it was unpacked. Stay thirsty my friends.

What a Cute Couple!

Wood carving of squirrel wedding cake topper

There are heirlooms and there are Heirlooms. This custom wedding cake topper is sure to be an Heirloom for generations to come. Carved from a black walnut burl and mounted on silver granite, this playful, loving couple are forever together. We always love working with families and creating legacy pieces that bring smiles and joy. Contact us and let's get started on yours.

"The Golden Arches"

wood carving of McDonalds Arches

One of the worlds most recognized icons, the Arches of McDonalds. Brian was commissioned to carve this piece of Americana for the President and C.O.O. of McDonalds Corporation worldwide. The privilege and challenge to recreate such a well known image was not taken lightly. Brian invested scores of hours in honing this wood sculpture to be an artistic and accurate reflection of the "Golden Arches". Carved from Cuban Mahogany, these arches were designed to recognize the achievements of the leader of one of Americas great companies. We are proud to have added this work of wood art to the legacy that is McDonalds.


HipShot featured on DIY Television!

woodcarver featured on DIY TV

The DIY Television Network sent a film crew (a great group of professionals) to Kentucky to film Brian carving. Brian created a new wood carving for the show that first aired in January 2009 (be on the look out for it in reruns). The title of the episode is "Carving Fabulous Works of Art With a Utility Knife" or DWDS - 204. The woodcarving Brian created was based on his existing work, titled "Windward", which you can see on this page. The television carving  titled "Intrepid", is carved from black walnut and can be seen here. The experience was a first for HipShot and hopefully not the last. The picture above is Brian discussing the details with the shows Producer.

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